Winter Morning – My Contribution to an Exhibition

Winter Morning Utstilling 2017-.jpg

“My” photo club (Bekkalokket Fotoklubb) is celebrating its 40-years jubilee with an outdoor exhibition of large-format prints. The photo above is my contribution. It was shot in January 2010 not far from where I live. The temperature at the time was -20 degrees …

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The First Snow

First Snow-8308.jpg

Yesterday morning we got the first 5 cm of snow this winter. The temperature was around zero, there was no wind and luckily we have a small area of almost untouched nature close by. This was noon in Norway.

First Snow-.jpg

Reflections were easy to find

First Snow-8311.jpg

Lonely trees fascinate me

First Snow-8320.jpg

Some clouds threatened us with snow, but we escaped

First Snow-8322.jpg

Back at the beginning (yes, it is the same lake) – 90 minutes later. The light has changed.

Today the rain is back and the snow has gone.

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