Store Torungen Lighthouse – Three Times More

Store Torungen 4 Shooting the same subjects under different conditions, like time of day and lighting, can give quite different results. Here are three photos of Store Torungen Lighthouse – the first one was shot in the afternoon with rain approaching.

Store Torungen 2The second one was shot in “The Golden Hour”. A nearly full Moon was a nice bonus.

Gras in the DesertThe last one was shot in “The Blue Hour”. The “bonus” moon was now full.

The photos were obviously not shot on the same day!

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Store Torungen Lighthouse – an Update

Store Torungen-Everyone who lives on the coast has a special relationship with lighthouses, and we have many of them in Norway. This one is called “Store Torungen” and is located outside the city of Arendal. I shot the photo just before sunset.

Maleri Torungen Arne Andreassen

My Friend Arne Andreassen was inspired by this photo to make his own version in acrylic on canvas. A great honour for me since he is a better painter than I am a photographer


My blogging friend Möwe von der Insel has also used my humble photo as a basis for a picture – this time a drawing. It is very nice for me to see that one photo gives rise to such different interpretations.

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An Island in the Sun

Playa Blanca strand-5542

It has been a bit quiet around here, but there are reasons. We have among other things spent some time on an Island in the Sun, in this case Lanzarote in Spain. Although sunshine and warmth dominate such trips, there are more than beaches and sand to be found on Lanzarote. Always nice for a hobby photographer.

Fiskere Lanzarote-27696

Local fishermen brought the catch of the day to the shore for cleaning and gutting. More than one photographer was interested in this procedure …


Lanzarote is most famous for its many volcanoes. There are more than a hundred of them with even more craters. Luckily most of them are extinct and the last eruption was in 1824. This moon-like landscape is from the national-park Parque Nacional de Timanfaya. Once seen – never forgotten.


But there are also many other beautiful and quiet spots. This is from the village of Yaiza. It has several times been chosen as the prettiest village in Spain.

Solnedgang Playa Blanca-27667

And of course there were sunsets …

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