Rainy Day People


November is usually a grey and rainy month around here, but people are used to it and take shelter where they can find it.


But some tourists still come to see how we cope with rain.


They add a spot of colour to the city while they have their photos taken.


Some of course prefer the modern group photo variety.


Even photographers dress up for the November chill.

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November Swans

Svaner Alvøen-30601

Swans have always been a popular subject for photographers. Especially when you meet “almost” the whole family

Svaner Alvøen-30508

They were very friendly and obviously hoped for some bread crumbs

Svaner Alvøen-30608

One of them even put on a display in our honour!

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Grass in the Desert

The landscape in The Timanfaya National Park (Spanish: Parque Nacional de Timanfaya) on the island of Lanzarote has been compared to the surface of Mars. However, from time to time you do see some hardy plants cropping up. But since you are not allowed to walk around on your own, most photos have to be shot through the windows of the coaches – usually with less than satisfactory results. However, sometimes one is lucky, and with a little work one can get quite acceptable pictures (I think …).

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Store Torungen Lighthouse – an Update

Store Torungen-Everyone who lives on the coast has a special relationship with lighthouses, and we have many of them in Norway. This one is called “Store Torungen” and is located outside the city of Arendal. I shot the photo just before sunset.

Maleri Torungen Arne Andreassen

My Friend Arne Andreassen was inspired by this photo to make his own version in acrylic on canvas. A great honour for me since he is a better painter than I am a photographer


My blogging friend Möwe von der Insel has also used my humble photo as a basis for a picture – this time a drawing. It is very nice for me to see that one photo gives rise to such different interpretations.

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