Still Testing – in Oslo

RH 2017-4050259.jpg

Once or twice a year I have to go to a hospital in Oslo (the Norwegian capital) for a medical follow-up for a few days. And this time I brought my new Olympus along. Here I have tried to catch the evening atmosphere outside the hospital.

RH 2017-4050262.jpg

And a bit more atmosphere at the local tram station.

RH 2017-4060287.jpg

A bicycle is always an interesting object for a photographer. I found this one basking in reflected light on the side of a fast food restaurant near the hospital.

RH 2017-4060275.jpg

And of course also a photo of the inside of the hospital – a hospital with a somewhat unusual internal architectural layout.

And the follow-up? It went very well. And so did the camera do.

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A Country of Cyclists


Denmark is a country made for cyclists. Not only is the country flat as a tabletop, but everywhere there are special lanes reserved for cyclists, like here in the outskirts of Skagen


If you have twins there is also a solution – a specially designed tricycle


Another type of tricycle is for carrying goods, like for instance your dog


And it is quite possible to ride a bike without steering and use a mobile phone at the same time


However, even the Danish cyclists have problems with red lights

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Visiting the Neighbours


Seen from the Southern and Western parts of Norway, our closest neighbours live in Denmark. A couple of weeks ago we spent some days right at the top of the country, in Skagen. It is a lovely little town, very yellow in building and very relaxed in style. There are lots of tourist in the main season, but we came a little early, so my guess is that these are local ladies having an afternoon with whatever-it-is.


Skagen has always been known for its artists – so even its wine-shops have that decorative feel.


Bicycles are very popular and you can hire them by the hundreds. And no wonder, the area is flat as a pancake.


Nice to see that more colourful tourist than us were visiting!


In the second half of the 19th century, Skagen was a centre for Scandinavian (and of course especially Danish art). One of the most import ones was the painter P.S. Krøyer who for a period lived in this lovely house. They came to Skagen among other things for what they considered a very lovely and special light (and it is!)


Many of them stayed at Brøndums Hotel, but on the way there I just had to snap another kind of painting artist.


And here is the Hotel itself. A lunch with fillets of flounder  is highly recommended.

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Wet December

Våt Desember-03725

December has been wet, windy and mild in these parts so far. That means no snow and some rather special lighting conditions – mostly depending on lights from all sorts of artificial sources.

But at least this one was shot when there was a bit of afternoon light left.

Våt Desember-03731

Christmas decorations have been put up, but somehow I find the lit windows and the reflections on the wet cobblestones more attractive.

BTW – the white building on top of the street is called “Fløibanen” – a funicular going to the top of one of the mountains surrounding Bergen. It was opened in 1918

Våt Desember-03733

Bergen is a coastal city, so even a pirate comes visiting his colleague “The Flying Dutchman”.

Våt Desember-03735

And windows shopping is still popular.

Våt Desember-03754

“Marken” is an old pedestrian-only street that takes on a special glow when the sodium lamps are lit at night and the cobblestones are wet.

Våt Desember-03756

I don’t know what this is – maybe a belated Halloween celebration?

Have a nice week-end!

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Between the Showers


Bergen in November is not rain only – sometimes it stops for a few minutes and the sun might even pop out and give a certain light that I find very attractive. If you wonder about the old, white building to the right, it is called “Muren” and dates back to 1562.


Sunlight  reflecting on wet cobblestones holds a certain magic to me. Here from “Strandkaien” (actually a quay). All the buildings on the right date from the 1920 – 1930 when they were rebuilt after a large fire in 1916

C Sundtsgate-6746

When I turn around 180 degrees I have view of how the old street was. All of buildings on the left hand side date from before the fire. And it may be fitting that the bicycle advertises for an antique shop.


Just across “Vågen” lies “Bryggen” glowing in whatever sunlight is around. The present houses were built after a large fire in 1702, and Bryggen is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Have a nice week-end! 🙂