October in Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park-38150.jpg

British parks are usually well tended, beautiful and refreshing lungs in otherwise crowded cities. People enjoy them as couples …

Greenwich Park-38153.jpg

… as singles taking a break, …

Greenwich Park-38146.jpg

… and singles enjoying the autumn leaves.

Greenwich Park-38154.jpg

Or they can have a picnic.

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An Evening Stroll

Kveld i juni-29156We have had the wettest and coldest April,  May and June in living memory, but yesterday we were in luck: It cleared and became sunny just in time for a stroll with “my” Photo Club around town. And of course, while some citizens preferred photography, others preferred texting …

Kveld i juni-29153There is a Festival in town, and this was “An officially recognized restaurant”, but not many people seemed to be around.

Kveld i juni-29157

But new tourists kept coming

Kveld i juni-29088

And the bikers seemed to on friendly terms, whatever their occupation and the size of their bikes.

Have a nice week-end!

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