Still Testing – in Oslo

RH 2017-4050259.jpg

Once or twice a year I have to go to a hospital in Oslo (the Norwegian capital) for a medical follow-up for a few days. And this time I brought my new Olympus along. Here I have tried to catch the evening atmosphere outside the hospital.

RH 2017-4050262.jpg

And a bit more atmosphere at the local tram station.

RH 2017-4060287.jpg

A bicycle is always an interesting object for a photographer. I found this one basking in reflected light on the side of a fast food restaurant near the hospital.

RH 2017-4060275.jpg

And of course also a photo of the inside of the hospital – a hospital with a somewhat unusual internal architectural layout.

And the follow-up? It went very well. And so did the camera do.

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Hidden Street Art

Street Art Bergen-39321.jpg

Bergen has its share of Street Art, but some of it is fairly well hidden. The top one is at the back of a pub, as for the lower one …

Street Art Bergen-39328.jpg

… it has obviously seen better days and is partly destroyed and partly hidden behind stones and boards.

Street Art Bergen-39322.jpg

This one is just collecting old scrap metal.

Street Art Bergen-39337.jpg

Here there must be some relation to a pub or whatever – the lady even has her own drinking straw.

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