Winter Morning – My Contribution to an Exhibition

Winter Morning Utstilling 2017-.jpg

“My” photo club (Bekkalokket Fotoklubb) is celebrating its 40-years jubilee with an outdoor exhibition of large-format prints. The photo above is my contribution. It was shot in January 2010 not far from where I live. The temperature at the time was -20 degrees …

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Januar skodde-8375.jpg

We have had an on-and-off winter so far. In the week-end it was absolutely off, as you can see from these photos that were shot along the same trail as the ones in my former post three weeks ago.

Januar skodde-8373.jpg

We could not see far

Januar skodde-8377.jpg

The colours were not blazing, but the combination of mist and no wind gave a very special atmosphere

Januar skodde-8380.jpg

And additional mist rising from the water

Januar skodde-8387.jpg

We were not alone

Januar skodde-8383.jpg

Old bird’s nest in the trees even had a “spooky” feeling 🙂

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