Lillesand in September


Lillesand is another of the small, white towns on the southern coast of Norway – many will say that it is the essence of them. As with all the other of these small towns, it is partly dominated by tourism, mainly Norwegian. But here we see it as it is out.of-season.


All these towns are dominated by it harbour, and usually lots of pleasure crafts. But at the end of September things are quieting down.


Small, wooden houses are gathered around the harbour, with narrow streets and quiet life.


I think this is the main shopping street in the old part of the town. Are you patient, you might get a halo, too.


Or perhaps some new boots?


You can bring your book to the park and a have good read in peace and quiet.


The gardens are well tended


Of course, a small town must have a park with large decorations.


Oops – one of the locals has spotted me!

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Tvedestrand – Preseason

Tvedestrand oversikt-35152

Tvedestrand is another of the small, white towns strung along the Southern Coast of Norway (Sørlandet). Most of the year they are very quiet, almost sleepy towns that come to life for a couple of months in midsummer.  We had the opportunity to visit Tvedestrand some weeks ago, just ahead of the summer season.

Tvedestrand Tollboden-35165

About now this small harbour will be teeming with pleasure crafts of all types and sizes, with tourists and locals mingling on the quays.

Tvedestrand strykejernhus-7538

NYC is not the only place that have its Flatiron building, but the atmosphere in Tvedestand is much more laid-back and quiet, at least it was when we were there.

Hund på Trapp-35175

Not many restaurants were open, and at this one the guest was kind of sleepy.

Bøker Tvedestrand-35141

Tvedestrand is famous for its second-hand book stores. One even had a self-service shelf where you could pay by putting coins through a key hole. We bought two books.

Tvedestrand MC-35180

But somehow I felt that the summer season was about to start.

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Grimstad in March


Well, I’m back … 🙂

I spent some time in the middle of March on the Southern Coast of Norway, otherwise known as “Sørlandet”. This is an area dotted with small towns, known especially for their maritime settings and small, white houses. In the summer it might almost be called the Norwegian Riviera. Before Easter things are much quieter, but maybe even nicer. These photos were shot in the town Grimstad.


But the town is not idle. Spring is here and shops have to be made ready for the summer invasion.


The streets are narrow and the amount of traffic is low – maybe this is the rush hour?


Since the weather has turned to spring, it is time to move the social activity outside


Non-Scandinavians does not know what “Vinmonopolet” is, but it is the Norwegian shops for the selling of wines and spirits. The activity seems to be low today.

Have a nice week!

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