Torgdagen – The Value of The Local Coastal Culture

Lørdag Bergen-40803

Every year since 1977 the coastal culture from the local areas surrounding Bergen, especially towards the west, has been celebrated at en event called “Torgdagen i Bergen”. This area supplied the city with much of its food, workforce and other resources. However, the value of this and of the culture was not very appreciated in the more “refined urban” circles in Bergen. But time changes and now this is a gathering of traditional ships and boats of many sorts, performing local artists, Farmers Market and traditional “fast food” vendors. Many people dress up in local clothes of pre-WWII style. And a good time is being had by all.

Lørdag Bergen-40855

The people living around Bergen (where I myself live) are traditionally called “striler”. Initially this was a derogatory name – today it is an honorary one.

Lørdag Bergen-40812

Local vessels of all sorts have an important place in a coastal culture.

Lørdag Bergen-40815

Some more inspired by Viking ships than others.

Lørdag Bergen-40860

The place to be if you want to have a good look around.

Lørdag Bergen-40854

Some ladies are selling traditional food and items.

Lørdag Bergen-40805

Some just relax.

Lørdag Bergen-40865

One needs to see what is going on.

Lørdag Bergen-40811

Or think about what to do next.

Lørdag Bergen-40866

And youth will be youth …

Lørdag Bergen-40853

And romance will always be there …

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PPS Since summer is (more or less) here, my postings will be even more erratic than usual, but hopefully I’ll be back from time to time.



14 thoughts on “Torgdagen – The Value of The Local Coastal Culture

  1. Et gledelig gjensyn med “Torgdagene” Jeg var tilbake i hjembyen for noen år siden, og kom hjem akkurat i tide til yrende folkeliv, og mye å se på. Flott serie, Rune!

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