The Lioness


I do not have the opportunity to go on a safari, but I can do the next best thing – take my camera to The Kristiansand Zoo.

PS The comments section is ABOVE the photos 🙂


14 thoughts on “The Lioness

  1. Thanks for saying where the comments should go. Even when i found the box I’m being distracted by little videos while I write.

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      • It’s the adverts – and they’re still doing it. I tried advertising on my blogs a short while ago and as I earned only about 3p, took them off again – but I understand from that that the blog owner doesn’t see the same ads as the readers see, nor do the readers see the same as other readers see. At present, while I look at the lioness, I’m also seeing two adverts for lottery tickets flashing on and off – and wouldn’t I just like to win three million pounds? It’s very distracting! (Not that you should necessarily stop having them there – but perhaps you don’t know they are!)

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        • As a matter of fact, I don’t see them. However, I know that advertisements can sometimes appear. I suppose that is the prize for a free account. So it is a choice between paying more than I feel I need, retuning to all the quirks of Blogger, or quit blogging. It may be the last one.


          • No! Don’t give up blogging!
            Re. Blogger – I got really cross when they introduced Google+ but although I can’t remember how I did it . . . I managed to join so I could turn off the ‘auto-improve’ thing (that made me really angry!) while maintaining my original blogger profile. (If you land up with the Google+ profile, people get diverted to Google+ instead of your blog when you leave comments so your blog gets side-lined.) So I ignore Google+ and carry on as usual with (as far as I know) my photos still being in my own control and people being able to find my blogs in a straightforward way if they want to.
            (Perhaps I should check my photo-settings haven’t been changed during an ‘upgrade’ or something.)
            I know some people are switching to Instagram. I haven’t looked into that properly but it seems very limited.
            Maybe blogger’s days are numbered. I like being able to have sidebars and links and things but they are trying to trim it down to be more phone-friendly.
            At the same time, I think blogging may have a resurgence. People want text as well as photos (on most blogs, if not all) and reading newspapers etc. online is becoming less attractive because they have so many adverts the pages are slow to load and jiggle around annoyingly as more ads come up.
            I’ve not been engaging much with other bloggers over the last few months because I’ve been sorting out the possibility of moving house and that has been taking up a lot of time and attention . . . but I truly believe blogging can be important in making a better world. (Or at least help stopping it from getting worse.) Admittedly it’s unlikely that great tensions arise between Britain and Norway (I hope!) but when we are able to get glimpses into the lives and surroundings of people of different cultures, philosophies, politics etc. – I’m sure it helps.

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            • I admit that I use Adbloc Plus – I totally agree with you on the subject of on-line advertising. Adbloc prevents most of the adverts from showing, and makes the appearance of the sites much nicer and reader friendly. IMHO, if they can’t make a product work without adverts, they shouldn’t make it. After all, many of them sell all the information they have about us to anyone who wants it. That is what gives Google & Co the huge profits they have. As for Google+ etc – that is a Facebook look-a-like, only worse when it comes to tricking people aboard. I like the kind of appearance you do, and I do nearly all my on-line activity on an old-fashioned PC or a laptop and don’t care much about the appearance on a mobile phone.
              Maybe blogging helps when it comes to international improvement – at least I have no problems with Britons and enjoy being in Britain. Maybe I will pay up to WordPress and continue to blog. When I get round to it. Have a nice week-end!


  2. Ja, hvorfor ikke! Jeg har riktignok vært på safari, men så tett på er det ikke lett å komme ute i naturen. En vakker skapning! Skjønner jeg har litt til gode (blir nok dyreparken på meg også når vi har barnebarn å følge)

    God helg, Rune!

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  3. She is a gorgeous lion. Just letting you know I see no adverts when I read your blog. I still use blogger but manage to avoid google+ almost entirely. I joined instagram because I intend to give up my sewing blog but still want to post the occasional shot of what I’ve made. I find myself enjoying instgram immensely, which came as something as a surprise. It’s quick and simple but I don’t know if it’s the best vehicle for sharing photography for photography’s sake – the format is somewhat limited and photographers tend to use it as a link to their own domains. But whatever you do, please keep on blogging!

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    • Thank you for you support, Valerie! No, I haven’t stopped blogging (I think), but other matters have taken priority lately. I don’t think Instagram is for me and my photography, so I guess that I’ll be back in the same format – hopefully fairly soon.


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