Australia Day 2016

Australia Day 2016-04836.jpg

Congratulation Aussies with The Australian Day! A year ago today I had the pleasure to take part in the festivities – and take a few shots at the same time. First a replica of an old naval vessel and a newer iconic Opera House

Australia Day 2016-33189.jpg

Sydney Harbour Bridge flying both The Australian Aboriginal Flag and The Official Australian Flag

Australia Day 2016-33772.jpg

And an Airbus 380 from Quantas doing acrobatics over The Sydney Opera House

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Januar skodde-8375.jpg

We have had an on-and-off winter so far. In the week-end it was absolutely off, as you can see from these photos that were shot along the same trail as the ones in my former post three weeks ago.

Januar skodde-8373.jpg

We could not see far

Januar skodde-8377.jpg

The colours were not blazing, but the combination of mist and no wind gave a very special atmosphere

Januar skodde-8380.jpg

And additional mist rising from the water

Januar skodde-8387.jpg

We were not alone

Januar skodde-8383.jpg

Old bird’s nest in the trees even had a “spooky” feeling 🙂

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The First Snow

First Snow-8308.jpg

Yesterday morning we got the first 5 cm of snow this winter. The temperature was around zero, there was no wind and luckily we have a small area of almost untouched nature close by. This was noon in Norway.

First Snow-.jpg

Reflections were easy to find

First Snow-8311.jpg

Lonely trees fascinate me

First Snow-8320.jpg

Some clouds threatened us with snow, but we escaped

First Snow-8322.jpg

Back at the beginning (yes, it is the same lake) – 90 minutes later. The light has changed.

Today the rain is back and the snow has gone.

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