A December Sunday

desember søndag-38679.jpg

The week-end was very foggy in these parts, but here it has lifted enough to let us see the city’s pride, the bark “Statsraad Lehmkuhl” back home after a long journey in foreign parts.

desember søndag-38735.jpg

The Old Warf (“Bryggen”) has also become visible, along with the restored church “Mariakirken” in the background.

desember søndag-38697.jpg

But those who took the funicular “Fløybanen” to the top of Mount Fløyen, probably didn’t see much.

desember søndag-38675.jpg

It was better to bring your own kayak for exploring the harbour.

PS The comments section is ABOVE the photos🙂


18 thoughts on “A December Sunday

  1. Rune — I can almost hear the fog horn in your fog. That is if there is one in this location. Like the softness to your photos! — barbara

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  2. Flotte bilder, Rune. Fine Bryggen …. ser verken snø eller frost, egentlig deilig å slippe. Men må tilstå at jeg håper vi får beholde rimfrosten hvis vi ikke får snø til jul 🙂

    Ha ei fin førjulsuke!


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    • Tusen takk, Irene – ingen tegn til hverken rimfrost eller snø her på disse kanter før jul, men vi får nyte det vi får. Ha en koselig uke du også 🙂


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