October in Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park-38150.jpg

British parks are usually well tended, beautiful and refreshing lungs in otherwise crowded cities. People enjoy them as couples …

Greenwich Park-38153.jpg

… as singles taking a break, …

Greenwich Park-38146.jpg

… and singles enjoying the autumn leaves.

Greenwich Park-38154.jpg

Or they can have a picnic.

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Lillesand in September


Lillesand is another of the small, white towns on the southern coast of Norway – many will say that it is the essence of them. As with all the other of these small towns, it is partly dominated by tourism, mainly Norwegian. But here we see it as it is out.of-season.


All these towns are dominated by it harbour, and usually lots of pleasure crafts. But at the end of September things are quieting down.


Small, wooden houses are gathered around the harbour, with narrow streets and quiet life.


I think this is the main shopping street in the old part of the town. Are you patient, you might get a halo, too.


Or perhaps some new boots?


You can bring your book to the park and a have good read in peace and quiet.


The gardens are well tended


Of course, a small town must have a park with large decorations.


Oops – one of the locals has spotted me!

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November Postcards

November in Bergen-38286.jpg

The autumn is soon over, but we still have some colours left. The other day I passed by a small lake (called Lille Lungegårdsvann) in the middle of Bergen. The sun was shining, and there were hardly any clouds to be seen. The temperature was all of 5 degrees C. And, yes, I admit that the photos turned out a bit too much like picture postcards, but so what?

November in Bergen-38283.jpg

These guys are closing down a fountain for the winter.

November in Bergen-38279.jpg

Here you can see them from another angle.

November in Bergen-38281.jpg

We must enjoy it while we can. Today it is raining, and next week it will be The Deep Freeze.

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