Stiklestad Church

Stiklestad Kirke-35642

Stiklestad Church (in Norwegian Stiklestad Kirke), is one of the oldest churches in Norway. It was built as a Roman  church in stone and was finished in 1180. It is one of the most iconic churches in Norway since is was built on the exact spot where King Olav Haraldson (later St. Olav) was killed in 1030.

Stiklestad is located in Trøndelag (in the middle of Norway), and I was there in connection with a family wedding.

Stiklestad Kirke-35651.jpg

Here is another evening photo, this time from the front.

Stiklestad Kirke-36284.jpg

And this is from another angle that shows one of the long sides of the church, obviously shot on another day.

Stiklestad Kirke-35656.jpg

This is a photo that I shot hand held without flash to test the lighting since I was asked to do part of the photography during the wedding. It was at the extreme of what my old Canon 7D could do under the circumstances (f4.0, 1/100sec and ISO 6400), so I had to use a flash later on to be on the safe side. But as a view of the inside of the church I think it worked fairly well.

Stiklestad Kirke-35659.jpg

Here is another photo from the interior, showing the organ which dates from 1980.

Stiklestad Kirke-35820.jpg

And since this was a wedding, there was of course a beautiful bride and a handsome groom 🙂

PS The comments section is ABOVE the photos :-)


22 thoughts on “Stiklestad Church

  1. What a wonderful old Church MDF Rune, lovely photos and the one – Love the photo without flash too, its so warm and inviting, Looks a Lovely and Happy couple too, good luck to them. Grand show .

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  2. A beautiful church, both inside and out. You certainly did capture that interior very well, too.
    And of course, I want to say congratulations to the happy couple!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Andrew 🙂 In some ways, Stiklestad is where Norway was born, so if you want to get married here you have to book one year in advance.


  3. Beautiful sights and gorgeous photos of them.
    So much history has taken place in, and around that church.
    It is amazing to think that there were no stone structures like this in the U.S. and Canada until several centuries afterwards.

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    • Very nice to see you on-line again! And with a proper lady as a start – a fine start. I’ll press the follow-button at once.


    • That’s ok. Ehen youa logged on to WordPress there usually a “Follow” button in the lower left corner of the page. Also, most blogs incorporate there own “Follow” buttons, as I have done.


  4. It is a beautiful and holy-looking old church. Mazal tov to the new couple!
    I am just getting caught up on all your Denmark posts–it’s a real education. Looks like you had a great time.

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