On the Beaches of Skagen


Skagen on top of Denmark has many beaches. Some are sandy and some are stony. And they are all made for walking, and the sandy ones are also excellent if you prefer to use a bike. BTW – just over the horizon is Sweden, thus the number of ships one can see here


No wonder the lady in red has stopped for a bit of staring and contemplating.


Just behind that outcrop is Grenen, where the beaches on both sides of Skagen meet and you can stand with your two feet in two different seas at the same time. It might look like everyone is leaving Denmark for a swim in the direction of Norway …


… as you can see from this photo shot on a previous visit to Skagen.


Among painters, the light here is considered wonderful, and even photographers give it a try on this stony beach.


Others just have a bit of fun.


On a stony beach you can find many beautiful rounded or otherwise well-shaped stones; even amber I’m told. There was certainly many who tried.

PS The comments section is ABOVE the photos :-)


34 thoughts on “On the Beaches of Skagen

  1. visualnorway — The hues of your photos are lovely. I would give anything to spend a day just sitting and reading at a place like this. Doesn’t seem to be over populated! That is good. barbara

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  2. Intriguing beach scenes. The sand colour drew my eye. It seems less yellow than the sands on my peninsula beaches. And the stony beaches look like a treasure trove for great macro photography.

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    • Thank you Gemma ☺. Yes, there is a notable difference in colour between the beaches in Victoria and Denmark. I have been told that you have higher content of iron oxide in the sand.


    • Thank you Valerie 🙂 . Yes, the light is softer than in Australia in the summer, But I have managed some comparable shot there, too.


  3. Flotte bilder! Spesielt herlige det første som viser hvor stort, åpent og flott det der. Menneskene hjelper til med å fortelle litt om størrelsene her. Vakkert!

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  4. Hvilke flotte bilder fra “deilige Danmark”. Og lyset er jo spesielt vakkert ved Skagen, noe som kommer så godt fram i det første bilde,- riktig vakkert!
    Fortsatt fine sommerdager til deg 🙂

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  5. I love beaches, Rune, and this one looks really good for walking along and photographing. I really like the look of your images here. Quite a few of them have a minimalist look, which gives them great charm

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