Visiting the Neighbours


Seen from the Southern and Western parts of Norway, our closest neighbours live in Denmark. A couple of weeks ago we spent some days right at the top of the country, in Skagen. It is a lovely little town, very yellow in building and very relaxed in style. There are lots of tourist in the main season, but we came a little early, so my guess is that these are local ladies having an afternoon with whatever-it-is.


Skagen has always been known for its artists – so even its wine-shops have that decorative feel.


Bicycles are very popular and you can hire them by the hundreds. And no wonder, the area is flat as a pancake.


Nice to see that more colourful tourist than us were visiting!


In the second half of the 19th century, Skagen was a centre for Scandinavian (and of course especially Danish art). One of the most import ones was the painter P.S. Krøyer who for a period lived in this lovely house. They came to Skagen among other things for what they considered a very lovely and special light (and it is!)


Many of them stayed at Brøndums Hotel, but on the way there I just had to snap another kind of painting artist.


And here is the Hotel itself. A lunch with fillets of flounder  is highly recommended.

PS The comments section is ABOVE the photos :-)


15 thoughts on “Visiting the Neighbours

    • Takk for det Truels – jo, jeg har vært der før, så jeg visste hva jeg gikk til 🙂 Et virkelig nydelig stykke Danmark, full av historie og kunst. Og så er det dette lyset da 🙂


  1. Was that a book you had for lunch at the hotel? 😉
    I really enjoyed seeing your photo of the “street artist.”
    Great that you can get around and be a tourist in such nice places.

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  2. Thank you Dina – the fish is a flounder called Rødspette in the Scandinavian languages. A book would also be appropriate in such a place ☺


  3. I am constantly amazed at the lovely architectural gems you feature on your travels. How fortunate to live where you can enjoy them.

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  4. Fantastic show MDF Rune. Also Thank you so much for the comments on my blog about our 10th Anniversary in St Ives, Yes, It was a super day. Many thanks MDF Rune. best wishes from Julie n Stewart,

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