A Country of Cyclists


Denmark is a country made for cyclists. Not only is the country flat as a tabletop, but everywhere there are special lanes reserved for cyclists, like here in the outskirts of Skagen


If you have twins there is also a solution – a specially designed tricycle


Another type of tricycle is for carrying goods, like for instance your dog


And it is quite possible to ride a bike without steering and use a mobile phone at the same time


However, even the Danish cyclists have problems with red lights

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On the Beaches of Skagen


Skagen on top of Denmark has many beaches. Some are sandy and some are stony. And they are all made for walking, and the sandy ones are also excellent if you prefer to use a bike. BTW – just over the horizon is Sweden, thus the number of ships one can see here


No wonder the lady in red has stopped for a bit of staring and contemplating.


Just behind that outcrop is Grenen, where the beaches on both sides of Skagen meet and you can stand with your two feet in two different seas at the same time. It might look like everyone is leaving Denmark for a swim in the direction of Norway …


… as you can see from this photo shot on a previous visit to Skagen.


Among painters, the light here is considered wonderful, and even photographers give it a try on this stony beach.


Others just have a bit of fun.


On a stony beach you can find many beautiful rounded or otherwise well-shaped stones; even amber I’m told. There was certainly many who tried.

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Visiting the Neighbours


Seen from the Southern and Western parts of Norway, our closest neighbours live in Denmark. A couple of weeks ago we spent some days right at the top of the country, in Skagen. It is a lovely little town, very yellow in building and very relaxed in style. There are lots of tourist in the main season, but we came a little early, so my guess is that these are local ladies having an afternoon with whatever-it-is.


Skagen has always been known for its artists – so even its wine-shops have that decorative feel.


Bicycles are very popular and you can hire them by the hundreds. And no wonder, the area is flat as a pancake.


Nice to see that more colourful tourist than us were visiting!


In the second half of the 19th century, Skagen was a centre for Scandinavian (and of course especially Danish art). One of the most import ones was the painter P.S. Krøyer who for a period lived in this lovely house. They came to Skagen among other things for what they considered a very lovely and special light (and it is!)


Many of them stayed at Brøndums Hotel, but on the way there I just had to snap another kind of painting artist.


And here is the Hotel itself. A lunch with fillets of flounder  is highly recommended.

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