Grimstad in March


Well, I’m back … 🙂

I spent some time in the middle of March on the Southern Coast of Norway, otherwise known as “Sørlandet”. This is an area dotted with small towns, known especially for their maritime settings and small, white houses. In the summer it might almost be called the Norwegian Riviera. Before Easter things are much quieter, but maybe even nicer. These photos were shot in the town Grimstad.


But the town is not idle. Spring is here and shops have to be made ready for the summer invasion.


The streets are narrow and the amount of traffic is low – maybe this is the rush hour?


Since the weather has turned to spring, it is time to move the social activity outside


Non-Scandinavians does not know what “Vinmonopolet” is, but it is the Norwegian shops for the selling of wines and spirits. The activity seems to be low today.

Have a nice week!

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