Down Under, part 3

Melbourne Street Art-31346

Melbourne is known as a city of cultural diversity. One of the expressions of this is an abundance of Street Art in its various forms. Here is a very small sample, beginning with a typical central back-street scene with different expressions all over the place.

Melbourne Street Art-31238

Of course this attracts people, both tourists (like me), locals and students.

Melbourne Street Art-31231

But sometimes the mobile phones win, even in such colourful surroundings.

Melbourne Street Art-31332

If you are lucky, you can stumble on an artist in action

Melbourne Street Art-31661

I suspect that this one was a commissioned work, but none the less magnificent, especially with the reflections.

BTW, the blue and white flag in the upper right hand corner is called the Eureka Flag and was initially made and used in connection with the so-called Eureka Rebellion in Ballarat (outside of Melbourne) in 1854. I hope to return to this in a later post.

PS The comments section is ABOVE the photos 🙂





13 thoughts on “Down Under, part 3

  1. Rune – Is the street art in Melbourne regulated to certain parts of town? I think your photos show some dynamic street art. It seems that the art is becoming more artistic as it grows in popularity. – barbara

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  2. Terrific captures, as always, Rune!!! They’re the next best thing to being there myself and I would indeed love to go there!! Thanks for sharing!! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!!

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  3. I really enjoyed the street art, The artist you “caught in action” was an added bonus. Thanks for sharing, I haven’t uploaded anymore and might not until after Easter as I am busy making a church banner all by myself for Easter. AND I am still learning to upload my photos on my new iPad. — will let you know hen I get that mastered again.

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