Winter Swans

Winter Swans-7171

Just to emphasize that it is still winter here, but we are surviving!

Have a nice week-end!

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Down Under, part 3

Melbourne Street Art-31346

Melbourne is known as a city of cultural diversity. One of the expressions of this is an abundance of Street Art in its various forms. Here is a very small sample, beginning with a typical central back-street scene with different expressions all over the place.

Melbourne Street Art-31238

Of course this attracts people, both tourists (like me), locals and students.

Melbourne Street Art-31231

But sometimes the mobile phones win, even in such colourful surroundings.

Melbourne Street Art-31332

If you are lucky, you can stumble on an artist in action

Melbourne Street Art-31661

I suspect that this one was a commissioned work, but none the less magnificent, especially with the reflections.

BTW, the blue and white flag in the upper right hand corner is called the Eureka Flag and was initially made and used in connection with the so-called Eureka Rebellion in Ballarat (outside of Melbourne) in 1854. I hope to return to this in a later post.

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Down Under, part 2


It can rain in Melbourne, too. But that is an opportunity for strolling along a stretch of the Yarra river that bisects the city.


Colourful skyscrapers and bridges abound

Polly Woodside-31580

A gem is the tall ship “Polly Woodside”, here in dry dock. A nice contrast to the skyscrapers behind.


Time to cross the river


And you can meet some of the locals: “G’day mates!”

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Down Under

Flinders Street Station-31186

We have been away for some time and it has been a long blogging break. So, I might as well continue where I left off, only I found this Christmas decoration on a railway station in a completely different part of the world 😉

Sunset St. Kilda-31484

When we left home, we had -5 degrees C. We arrived in full summer heat with beautiful sunsets to match.

Great Ocean Road-32405

And it is not only the cities that impress: The nature in this great country can impress anyone – here from what is known as The Great Ocean Road.


And this charming fellow has become a kind of symbol for the country.

Opera House Air Show-33772

An icon is also this magnificent Opera House – here at the centre of an impressive air-show on their recent National Day. Featured here is the worlds largest passenger air plane, the Airbus A 380. Some sight!

We visited only a tiny part og this large country, but I have lots of photos to look through. I hope to post several even more touristy photos in the time to come 🙂

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