A Day Without Rain

Bybanen Slettebakken-6775

The other day we had a day totally without rain and even with a nip of frost in the air! So a little look-around in another area  was called for. Here we have our fairly new Light Rail System (“Bybanen”) which has been a huge success and is still being extended.

But some are still trying to outrun it

Bybanen Slettebakken-6777

– one way or another

PS The comments section is ABOVE the photos 🙂


12 thoughts on “A Day Without Rain

  1. Somehow modern structures and machines always look good in bright sunlight (or else at night) and these are no exception. No rain? There’ll be some more soon!

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  2. Ah, always lovely to have some blue skies at this time of year!! I’m just a bit envious as it is even grayer than usual this Fall, not cold, but WET!! I hope you have more blue skies and enjoy a beautiful week, Rune!!

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  3. Ja, regnløse dager og til og med sol må foreviges når man bor i Bergen 🙂
    Så den nye banen har blitt en suksess…? Mener å ha lest det var en del fram og tilbake om “kjørerute”…
    Fine ledende linjer i bildene!
    Likte også godt ditt forrige innlegg!
    Fin førjulstid til deg, Rune 🙂

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