Wet December

Våt Desember-03725

December has been wet, windy and mild in these parts so far. That means no snow and some rather special lighting conditions – mostly depending on lights from all sorts of artificial sources.

But at least this one was shot when there was a bit of afternoon light left.

Våt Desember-03731

Christmas decorations have been put up, but somehow I find the lit windows and the reflections on the wet cobblestones more attractive.

BTW – the white building on top of the street is called “Fløibanen” – a funicular going to the top of one of the mountains surrounding Bergen. It was opened in 1918

Våt Desember-03733

Bergen is a coastal city, so even a pirate comes visiting his colleague “The Flying Dutchman”.

Våt Desember-03735

And windows shopping is still popular.

Våt Desember-03754

“Marken” is an old pedestrian-only street that takes on a special glow when the sodium lamps are lit at night and the cobblestones are wet.

Våt Desember-03756

I don’t know what this is – maybe a belated Halloween celebration?

Have a nice week-end!

PS The comments section is ABOVE the photos 🙂


17 thoughts on “Wet December

  1. So much magical lighting. The wet cobblestones are especially attractive.
    In answer to your comment about eucalypts, there are many varieties in Australia, but they are far from the only trees we have. Pines and maples and liquidambers and even some oak trees and fig trees are around – to name just a few.
    The bird sanctuary in my post is not enclosed. it is simply a popular nesting area in the wetlands that is protected by boundaries. Bird hides are available on the side of the wetlands to watch the birds without disturbing them.

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  2. Hello
    I love the atmosphere of the season – the mixing of cold and warm colors of the lights – I ‘love the pedestrian street and the light on the cobbles !!
    Here too, the month is wet and windy !! Beautiful weekend RuneE

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  3. I very much like the magic of the lights reflecting on the wet cobblestones and the water. This is such a great time of year to take this sort of photo since there are so many fancy lights and it gets dark so early (not as early as where you live, but still in the late afternoon).

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  4. Ah, I do love your captures, as always, Rune, and I do SO agree with EG, magical they are indeed!! We are having SO much rain and dark skies here in Oregon, too!! It is difficult to know just what time of day it is!! One thing for sure is that it is GLOOMY!! Hope ;you have a great weekend!! Enjoy — well, stay dry at least!!

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  5. Uansett dårlig vær, du får likevel frem en god stemning i bildene dine. Ikke noe mer julestemning ute her hos oss. Bakken er bar så vi får nøye oss med julelysene som pryder byens uterom.

    Ha en fin førjulshelg!


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  6. I had expected some WHITE Christmas photos now from Norway!
    This is like here – temperature these days is around 10 dgr 😦
    Anyway: Glædelig jul til dig!

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