Rainy Day People


November is usually a grey and rainy month around here, but people are used to it and take shelter where they can find it.


But some tourists still come to see how we cope with rain.


They add a spot of colour to the city while they have their photos taken.


Some of course prefer the modern group photo variety.


Even photographers dress up for the November chill.

Have a nice week-end!

PS The comments section is ABOVE the photos 🙂

PPS I’m sorry about the somewhat crazy formatting, but WordPress has obviously done something to “improve” the posting process …


14 thoughts on “Rainy Day People

  1. Ah, your weather looks like our weather here in Portland, Oregon!! WET!!! But having grown up in western Texas, I do appreciate the rain and the beauty it produces. Terrific captures, as always, Rune!! I do hope you have a lovely weekend, stay dry, and enjoy!!

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  2. These are specific times that I love too low, soft light, shiny reflections and bright colors decorate people’s attitudes – a nice set of street, thank you RuneE

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  3. Nice series, for it being gray and rainy, it is very colorful. I like the second shot, it makes me want to explore that area. Of course, I like the composition of the first. It might be an interesting shot with only one shelter off to one side

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  4. I remember well the rain in Bergen but at least we had a fine spell before it. Re your comment on road trains – no there was never a railway train there. Road trains are mainly for tourists – we rode on one in Trondheim.

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  5. Looks like you are having the kind of November we usually have here north of Toronto. BUT this year the weather people have surprised us with sunny days! You’ve mad the best of your rainy weather.

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