Between the Showers


Bergen in November is not rain only – sometimes it stops for a few minutes and the sun might even pop out and give a certain light that I find very attractive. If you wonder about the old, white building to the right, it is called “Muren” and dates back to 1562.


Sunlight  reflecting on wet cobblestones holds a certain magic to me. Here from “Strandkaien” (actually a quay). All the buildings on the right date from the 1920 – 1930 when they were rebuilt after a large fire in 1916

C Sundtsgate-6746

When I turn around 180 degrees I have view of how the old street was. All of buildings on the left hand side date from before the fire. And it may be fitting that the bicycle advertises for an antique shop.


Just across “Vågen” lies “Bryggen” glowing in whatever sunlight is around. The present houses were built after a large fire in 1702, and Bryggen is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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Rainy Day People


November is usually a grey and rainy month around here, but people are used to it and take shelter where they can find it.


But some tourists still come to see how we cope with rain.


They add a spot of colour to the city while they have their photos taken.


Some of course prefer the modern group photo variety.


Even photographers dress up for the November chill.

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Vive La France! Reedit


Dois-je dire de plus?

PS It seems from the first comment that I have been a bit unclear in my formulations, so a little reedit seems in order:

I extend my deepest consolidations to the French people in this hour of sorrow, and especially to the families of thepeople who were so brutally murdered – murdered just for being people.