The Last Ones

Blueberry and cobweb-30439
The autumn is undoubtedly here. A lonely blueberry was all that was left. But it had its own safety net …

Solo red berry-30451

The lonely red berry had only an empty parking lot.

Have a nice week-end!

PS The comments section is ABOVE the photos 🙂


17 thoughts on “The Last Ones

  1. Ja det ser nærmest ut som blåbæra har tenkt seg et stunthopp..! :)) Nydelige bilder begge to. Det var et tett spindelvev. Jeg er nå tilbake etter en laaaang bloggpause..

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  2. Wonder if You have a small amount of time each week to come and join our Team of Headbangers MDF Rune. You would be most welcome, such a great Photographer as you would be most welcome and bring your Talent.

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    • Thank you for the offer, but as you know I change my Header very seldom (hardly at all …), and these days my photography is mostly concerned with five small grandchildren that I very seldom post. But I like to follow your group and wish you all the best. Maybe one day when time and other matters are better suited.


  3. Our berries last a bit longer here. But your photos explain why the winter thrushes – fieldfares and redwings – have flown from Scandanavia, across the North Sea, to Britain in search of more berries to get them through the winter.

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