Sheep to the Slaughter

Sau i lastebil-6221

September is the time of year when sheep has to face their seemingly ultimate destiny if we want to have our autumn and Christmas delicacies. But we seldom see them in the truck on their way to that destiny.

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6 thoughts on “Sheep to the Slaughter

  1. If an animal has a good life and is killed humanely I have no problem with eating meat .. but…the way large corporations mistreat animals prior to death, transporting them long distances while starving them is just horrible. I eat less meat now than ever.


  2. Somehow it all seems to be about the money and who cares about a four-legged critter??? He’s worth a lot more dead than alive!! Consequently, I eat very little meat, but I do agree with Valerie!! Hope you have a great new week, Rune!! Enjoy!!


  3. This situation of trucking and killing goes a bit against what I believe. Raised around my farm relatives I believe that it was better when such killings were handled by the farmer rather than commercial industries. — barbara


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