Something “new” – for me at least

A refurbished Fuji X100 has come into my hands, and since the camera is much used for street photography, I decided that a stroll around town was the best way to test it. The camera has a fixed 35mm. equivalent lens, so it was quite an unusual experience for me – almost like the old days.


This guy has found just the right place to rest.


Photographers always find interesting subjects. BTW – the building BEHIND him is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


No lack of interesting subjects


Even a tourist needs some rest and refreshment


The students have just arrived for the new Academic Year, but as long as the weather is fine …


And the more colourful enterprises have moved outside.

Conclusions so far: Very sharp lens , very little noise and very nice design. However, the white balance is very off, but nothing that Lightroom can’t correct in a RAW-file. The menu system and ergonomics is also a bit difficult for an old Canon-shooter.

Have a nice week-end!

PS The comments section is ABOVE the photos 🙂


13 thoughts on “Something “new” – for me at least

  1. Oh, I know you are having fun now!!! It’s great to have a new camera, isn’t it!! I do love your photos for the day!! Thanks for sharing the fun!! I know you’ll have a wonderful weekend!! Enjoy!! I look forward to seeing the next photos you take!!!


  2. Beautiful shots. I especially like the last two. I just got Fuji’s X-T10 … loving it so far … hoping I’ll be putting my heavy DSLR days behind me after I get to take it on a trip to Europe next week. There is a learning curve on the controls and menu, but the ability to get great noise-free photos at up to 1600 ISO so far is one of the reasons I’m ready to switch.


  3. Learning old things new? 🙂
    Now you know almost about how I
    feel with my camera here 😉
    Beautiful pictures of great objects!
    Love them. 😀

    Have a beautiful weekend Rune!


  4. I really like the intimate look that a lens such as this 35mm equivalent one forces on the photographer, and you’ve certainly taken advantage of that in this interesting series, Rune. (And it’s the same lens that I have on my X100S.)


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