Store Torungen Lighthouse – an Update

Store Torungen-Everyone who lives on the coast has a special relationship with lighthouses, and we have many of them in Norway. This one is called “Store Torungen” and is located outside the city of Arendal. I shot the photo just before sunset.

Maleri Torungen Arne Andreassen

My Friend Arne Andreassen was inspired by this photo to make his own version in acrylic on canvas. A great honour for me since he is a better painter than I am a photographer


My blogging friend MΓΆwe von der Insel has also used my humble photo as a basis for a picture – this time a drawing. It is very nice for me to see that one photo gives rise to such different interpretations.

Have a nice week-end!

PS The comments section is ABOVE the photos πŸ™‚


18 thoughts on “Store Torungen Lighthouse – an Update

  1. Ah, you are so right about people who live on the coast!!! Having been born and raised in Texas and after one trip to the coast, I was determined live there and twenty years ago I did move to the Pacific northwest, Oregon and Washington. I still don’t live as near to the coast as I would like, but it’s an easy trip to get there and I do go every chance I get!!! Great post and wonderful captures for the day, Rune, as always!! Hope you have a great weekend!!


  2. Beautiful. I had a friend once paint some fishing boats I had photographed. She later gifted her work to me … I cherish it.


  3. Hello Rune πŸ™‚
    I love that photo of the light house! πŸ™‚
    And I also love that painting of your friend πŸ˜€
    Could I please give it a try as well? πŸ™‚

    Have a beautiful Sunday!

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  4. I am fascinated by lighthouse. I’m about 2 hours drive from the coast, but there aren’t many left. I really like your friends interpretation of your photo and I love the lighthouse


  5. I have an important question Rune πŸ™‚
    I’ve googled for this lighthouse and found some pictures
    where there is a second lighthouse to see. Where is that
    in your picture? Behind the tree or more below behind
    the bushes?
    It’s really important because I’ve moved the tree πŸ˜€


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