Something “new” – for me at least

A refurbished Fuji X100 has come into my hands, and since the camera is much used for street photography, I decided that a stroll around town was the best way to test it. The camera has a fixed 35mm. equivalent lens, so it was quite an unusual experience for me – almost like the old days.


This guy has found just the right place to rest.


Photographers always find interesting subjects. BTW – the building BEHIND him is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


No lack of interesting subjects


Even a tourist needs some rest and refreshment


The students have just arrived for the new Academic Year, but as long as the weather is fine …


And the more colourful enterprises have moved outside.

Conclusions so far: Very sharp lens , very little noise and very nice design. However, the white balance is very off, but nothing that Lightroom can’t correct in a RAW-file. The menu system and ergonomics is also a bit difficult for an old Canon-shooter.

Have a nice week-end!

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Store Torungen Lighthouse – an Update

Store Torungen-Everyone who lives on the coast has a special relationship with lighthouses, and we have many of them in Norway. This one is called “Store Torungen” and is located outside the city of Arendal. I shot the photo just before sunset.

Maleri Torungen Arne Andreassen

My Friend Arne Andreassen was inspired by this photo to make his own version in acrylic on canvas. A great honour for me since he is a better painter than I am a photographer


My blogging friend Mรถwe von der Insel has also used my humble photo as a basis for a picture – this time a drawing. It is very nice for me to see that one photo gives rise to such different interpretations.

Have a nice week-end!

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