People around Town

Personer i Bergen-29468We have our share of Street Musicians who seems to perform all day, but they also need a break.

Personer i Bergen-29487Maybe so that they can invest in a pair of new shoes on the sale?

Personer i Bergen-29479Others just want a short-cut to wherever they are going.

Personer i Bergen-29492Some are just walking the dogs in one of our very narrow side streets.

Personer i Bergen-29489While this guy seems to prefer some kind of fancy gymnastics.

Have a nice week-end!

PS The comments section is ABOVE the photos 🙂


15 thoughts on “People around Town

  1. I always enjoy your captures for the day, Rune!! And, I always enjoy people watching, too!! Hope you have a lovely weekend!!


  2. Yes, even street performers need to have a break. I like the narrow cobbled street. It’s all so different to my city that is trying to be like a brash antipodean version of New York!


  3. Love your street scenes Rune 🙂
    That’s something I still can’t do – taking
    pictures of total strangers 😀

    Have a beautiful weekend!
    Tinna ✐


  4. Here’s a new reader for you Rune 🙂
    The old one burnt her fingers on fb,
    right after signing in 😀
    Love those street scenes! 🙂

    Wish you a wonderful weekend!


  5. Sjarmerende gatebilder, Rune. Bergen har mye fint å by på, men artig at du viser folk i farten. Før stod jeg gjerne og ventet til folk hadde passert før jeg tok bildet, men forstod etter hvert at det er folkene som skaper bildet! Fortsatt god sommer!


  6. You live in such a lovely old town. What a pleasure it must be for you to roam its streets. Like viewing the folks too. The narrow side street was my favorite. — thanks — barbara


  7. Beautiful street scenes! I like this
    but in France, one must pay attention to the law !! photographing people sometimes be fined – photographed from the back, or have permission !!!


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