Tourists and Ships

Turistskip-29401We have more than 300 cruise ships visiting Bergen each year. Sometimes they can be bit overwhelming when they tower over our old, wooden houses. And this is only an average sized ship.

Turistskip-29407Of course, we also welcome more traditional vessels – personally I prefer them …

Turistskip-29409Some  prefer to come in their own luxury yacht – highly polished in honour of photographers who enjoy reflections.

Turistskip-29418And of course there are some tourists that like to take photos of it all.

Have a nice week-end!

PS The comments section is ABOVE the photos 🙂


12 thoughts on “Tourists and Ships

  1. Ah, I do love ships and harbors — as do most of us who were born and grew up in Texas!! I couldn’t wait to finish college, get a job and move to the northwest! I still love it here, but I did so enjoy the years that I lived in Europe!! So much to see, so much history and so much beauty!!! Hope you enjoy a great weekend, Rune!!


  2. Hello Rune! 🙂
    You are showing some very nice ships here 😀
    I fell for the polished one – as long as I don’t have
    to polish it 😉 And I wonder how stinking rich the
    guy might be who owns that green one. 🙂
    Love the wooden sailboat 😀
    I’m afraid it’s not possible to sit on my painted
    bench, but it’s always possible to sit on the real
    one 🙂 All you have to do is come to Germany 😀

    Have a beautiful weekend!
    Tinna ✐


  3. How nice of them to polish the yacht just for you. I don’t think I shall ever go on a cruise, but if I do it’ll be to the Norwegian fjords.


  4. I live by water, so i am definitely a water and boat person. The ship size in the first photo is quite overwhelming. Extraordinary range of designs in these boats.


  5. I am really amazed at the mirror-like finish of that vessel – I hate to think how they manage to keep it so spotless and it must be weird approaching it.


  6. I love harbours and ships, Rune, and so this set has a special appeal to me. That’s a striking image of the cruise ship behind the houses, and the rest of the series is so well caught, too.


  7. Kult det første bildet, du har virkelig fått frem hvor store disse cruiseskipene kan være.

    Ha en fortsatt fin sommer!



  8. That first photo is probably my favorite. My hometown in Turkey is becoming a popular cruise ship port. The way the ship’s leave the terminal, if you get the angle right, it looks like the ship is cutting through the middle of the highrise apartment buildings. Makes for a fun photo.


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