Photography and Tourists

If you are a tourist, you usually also take photos. Some use “proper cameras”,



while others use their mobile phones. Each to his/her own as long as he/she is satisfied with the results.

Have a nice week-end!

PS The comments section is ABOVE the photos 🙂


15 thoughts on “Photography and Tourists

  1. Ah, we are a photo-taking bunch of people aren’t we, Rune!! Such a fun post for the day!! Thanks for the smiles and a great, early start for my weekend!! I do hope you have a great one as well!! Enjoy!!


  2. I like all three pictures, especially the first one.
    He’s in his own world 🙂
    I see a lot of people over here taking pictures
    with their mobile phones, too, and they sure
    make great pictures. Mine is too old to be
    able to do that 😀

    Wish you a happy weekend!
    Tinna ✐


  3. Photographing photographers ;-)) You’re right … key is to be satisfied with whatever photos you get from whatever ‘cameras’ you use. I still can’t give up my DSLR.


  4. Herlig serie, Rune…. jeg har faktisk også fått et lite “lager” av fotograferende turister…. et lite personlig prosjekt når jeg synes jeg har tatt bilder “av alt”.
    Likte også svært godt bildene dine fra togstasjonen, samt de greske barna!
    Ha en flott sommer 🙂


  5. I use my phone far more for taking photos than for making calls and it can be more discreet than using my “proper” camera in some situations.


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