The Children of Greece

Children in Greece-23456Greece has large monetary and political problems – problems that have become more and more acute as the so-called “bailout program” has taken effect. When the creditors have taken what there is left to take, all the children can do is play. And they still do. They have my deepest sympathy.

18 thoughts on “The Children of Greece

  1. I’m sorry for them too. The Euro brought many problems up.
    I like the photo alot. An old house with many wounds and not
    taken care of and in front the young ones which do look
    very well taken care of.

    Have a fine day
    Tinna ✐


  2. We were in Athens and some of the Greek Islands a few years ago … it was heartbreaking to see the unhappiness of the people.


  3. I do love Greece, but I was there in a much happier time!! It is indeed heartbreaking to see the country today!!


  4. Difficult for Greece now !! a youth a little unsettled and uncertain future
    A lightness which contrasts well here on the sad facade


  5. Certainly a Great photo, but terrible to see how other Countries run down, We have a lot to be thankful for – and still lots of folk don’t realise how well off we really are.


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