An Evening Stroll

Kveld i juni-29156We have had the wettest and coldest April,  May and June in living memory, but yesterday we were in luck: It cleared and became sunny just in time for a stroll with “my” Photo Club around town. And of course, while some citizens preferred photography, others preferred texting …

Kveld i juni-29153There is a Festival in town, and this was “An officially recognized restaurant”, but not many people seemed to be around.

Kveld i juni-29157

But new tourists kept coming

Kveld i juni-29088

And the bikers seemed to on friendly terms, whatever their occupation and the size of their bikes.

Have a nice week-end!

PS The comments section is ABOVE the photos 🙂

14 thoughts on “An Evening Stroll

  1. That’s a BMW R1200GS, police edition. Your police have good taste in motorcycles 🙂 I’m happy you have a break in the weather, it’s important to get outside and enjoy the world.


  2. Oh, yes, Rune!! I’m so glad you got a break in the weather!! It’s time to enjoy some sunshine!! We have had an amazing, beautiful and early spring weather and I’ve enjoyed every minute!! Hope you have a lovely weekend with more beauty and warmth!!


  3. Hello Rune, over here the weather was just the same, last week was still very cold. Today it was so hot right away, that I couldn’t walk for long 😦 Strange weather…
    Like your pictures, I still have problems taking pictures of people 🙂
    And I like the police man too 😉

    Have a great day
    Tinna ✐


  4. Hello RunéE
    Although we perceive life who gets !! June will be more beautiful and the rest of the summer probably mixed !! j ‘like the last picture !! the rider has a good time !!


  5. Herlige gatebilder …. ja, det har vært en kaldt vår, også her i øst. Temperaturene lar vente på seg, og vi har hatt mye “vestlandsvær” (vind og regn). Men det spirer og gror, så det er da godt for noe!

    Ha en fin uke!


  6. Seems like the weather has been wetter than normal in a lot of places. I know we’re happy that it seems to be getting a little drier now.


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