Evening Trains

Tog på Jernbanestasjonen-6119

Yesterday evening I had occasion to got to the railway station to pick up a guest. And of course I brought a camera in case I had to wait (the train proved to arrive straightly on the dot). But I managed a couple of shots.

I’m fond of reflections, so the first one is of a train shot from the a car park

Tog på Jernbanestasjonen-6120

Some trains where all dressed up, but had nowhere to go, or at least not just yet.

Tog på Jernbanestasjonen-6124

And then “my” train came into the station.

Have a nice week-end!

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The Children of Greece

Children in Greece-23456Greece has large monetary and political problems – problems that have become more and more acute as the so-called “bailout program” has taken effect. When the creditors have taken what there is left to take, all the children can do is play. And they still do. They have my deepest sympathy.

An Evening Stroll

Kveld i juni-29156We have had the wettest and coldest April,  May and June in living memory, but yesterday we were in luck: It cleared and became sunny just in time for a stroll with “my” Photo Club around town. And of course, while some citizens preferred photography, others preferred texting …

Kveld i juni-29153There is a Festival in town, and this was “An officially recognized restaurant”, but not many people seemed to be around.

Kveld i juni-29157

But new tourists kept coming

Kveld i juni-29088

And the bikers seemed to on friendly terms, whatever their occupation and the size of their bikes.

Have a nice week-end!

PS The comments section is ABOVE the photos 🙂