Twins-28919 These two small boys turned one whole year the other day. I do not often show photos of the immediate family, but as a proud grandfather I could not help feeling that I got something right with this photo. So here it is (with the necessary permissions, of course). The boys seem to have seen the light 🙂

PS The comments section is ABOVE the photos 🙂

16 thoughts on “Twins

  1. Oh, such a great shot indeed, Rune!! You do indeed have reason to be proud!! Thank you for sharing the fun moment with us!!


  2. Oh so dear. Like the black and white that provides shadows across the boys. As a mother of twins myself I think they are looking around for something to investigate. — barbara


  3. That’s wonderful about beeing a twin – you always have your best buddy around 🙂 That’s what I like about children, they are always curious, have to find out about things. And you have five of them – you must be a very happy grandpa 😀

    Tinna ✐


  4. Ååå,- tatt i helt rette øyeblikk,- for et herlig bilde av disse doble sjarmtrollene, Rune! Likte så godt posituren, og at det var i svarthvitt!
    Ha en riktig fin helg 🙂


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