“The Restaurant at the End of the Universe”

Timanfaya-5682I literally felt like a character from Douglas Adams’ famous book when I ate at a restaurant at the top of the active volcano Timanfaya – looking into another. The light from the setting sun just made it more interesting.

Timanfaya-5688And the gale force wind outside a little later made it even more surreal.

PS The comments section is ABOVE the photos 🙂


15 thoughts on ““The Restaurant at the End of the Universe”

  1. What an awesome place and terrific captures for the day, as always, Rune!! Definitely a place I would like to visit, but your pics are the next best thing!! Hope you’re enjoying a great new week!!


  2. You’ve really captured the surreal atmosphere. I love the Lanzarote landscape, with the beautiful subtle shades of all the volcanic lava and sculptural shapes of the mountains.


  3. Surreal. We were in Lanzarote for half-a-day so stayed in town, but will definitely check this place out next time we’re in the Canaries.


  4. Wonderful images, Rune. And what a place to eat! (And as far as the book’s concerned, it was the white mice who were in charge of everything, you know!)


  5. Hello Rune, I’m back after a “short” break 🙂
    Love the view through the window and the
    other one as well. That must be a real strange
    feeling to sit and eat on top of an active volcano 😀

    Tinna ✐


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