Birds by the Sea

Måse - Os-27420

Bird photography is of major interest to many photographers, but it is very difficult to get really high-class photos, so I seldom succeed. However, the other day I at least found some that stayed around for a so long that I got some photos of them, like this young gull which seems ready to jump off the quay.

Svane - Os-27445

Swans are for many the beauties among birds. In fact, they are so popular among photographers that it is said that one will never win a contest with a photo of a swan. But this is not a contest – just my blog 🙂

Tre svaner - Os-27444

And here are more swans – almost the whole family.

Have a nice week-end!
PS The comments section is ABOVE the photos 🙂


24 thoughts on “Birds by the Sea

  1. If this were a contest, to me you would win it 😀
    Never saw swans with spots on them, only
    white or grey ones so far. Thank you for this 🙂
    And the gull is so beautiful in that light!
    Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Adventure and romantism , that’s what they mean to me . This Young Gull really seems to think to fly away , and swans always seem so elegant , whatever they’re doing ..Me as jury, contest won !
    Have a nice week-end !


  3. I do love the swans and these are so beautiful!! Terrific captures as always, Rune! Hope you and the swans have a great weekend!! Enjoy!!


  4. Very beautiful shots of birds !! But the first simple is my favorite with its environment from the dock !! Good week RunéE


  5. Nydelige bilder og skikkelig vårlig! Ser ut som den måken speider etter mat,
    en fisk eller to.. Ja fugler er vanskelig å få tatt ordentlige bilder av, men du har klart det!
    Flotte bilder under her også!
    Ønsker deg en fin Mars! 🙂


  6. Enig! Det er ikke så enkelt å få gode fuglebilder. Selv med min Canon 100-400mm får jeg sjelden et resultat jeg er fornøyd med. Jeg er kanskje ikke tålmodig nok 🙂

    Det er full vår på dine kanter har jeg sett, så du får nyte og knipse i vei!

    God helg!


  7. I like the photo with the gull, it has a great atmosphere. I also find it quite difficult to take a really good bird capture…


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