Birds by the Sea

Måse - Os-27420

Bird photography is of major interest to many photographers, but it is very difficult to get really high-class photos, so I seldom succeed. However, the other day I at least found some that stayed around for a so long that I got some photos of them, like this young gull which seems ready to jump off the quay.

Svane - Os-27445

Swans are for many the beauties among birds. In fact, they are so popular among photographers that it is said that one will never win a contest with a photo of a swan. But this is not a contest – just my blog 🙂

Tre svaner - Os-27444

And here are more swans – almost the whole family.

Have a nice week-end!
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Spring is in the Air


This is not the first coltsfoot on the net, nor is it a photo that will win any contests.  But it’s MY first sight of coltsfoot this year and the first day of sunshine since who knows when – so spring is in the air!

Have a nice week and a fine spring 🙂

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