More Walking in the Winter


Some of you may remember a post on these pages some weeks ago where I walked along a new trail in my neighbourhood. It is quite possible to return  by a more traditional route – along a lane meant for pedestrians and bicycles. Then you have some very fine views on one side and very heavy traffic (30.000 cars per day – with exhaust to match) on the other.

The lane passes by a small fjord that is often covered with ice in the winter. It is especially fine right after sunset.


You can find small pleasure crafts and boathouses too.


This one has obviously stayed out too long.

Have a nice week!

PS The comments section is ABOVE the photos 🙂


21 thoughts on “More Walking in the Winter

  1. Hi ReneE, I ‘m expected to see more snow than that !! Indeed ice, but it is not completely frozen – a very soft light for your photos! a beautiful place – Have a good week


  2. With scenery like that, I’d like to walk both of your routes once.
    What do they do with dead boats like that, eventually?


  3. Beautiful pictures Rune!
    I wish I had some ice here in the winter 🙂
    The second one is my favourite, it makes
    me dream about a boat holiday in the
    fjords 🙂
    And I feel sorry for the last boat, it must
    have seen better days back in the old time.

    Have a fine week!


  4. Skulle så gjerne hatt tilsvarende idyll i mitt nabolag,- men får nok ta til takke med mine grantrær og en liten rislebekk…. ser sultens på området på høyre side i bilde 2… aldeles nydelige detaljer i is og stein.
    Trodde nesten våren var kommet hit på Østlandet i forrige uke, men i dag var landskapet hvitt igjen…
    Så mange tusen takk for dine fine kommentarer, Rune,- det varmer virkelig mye 🙂


  5. Ah, SO COLD, but so beautiful, too!! Terrific captures as always, Rune!! I have to admit that I am enjoying our unusually warm winter, but winter isn’t over and who knows what the next few weeks will bring??? I do hope you have a great new week! Stay warm and enjoy!


  6. You live in a beautiful place. To have such scenic surrounding surly must contribute to your over all contentment. The boathouse photo is lovely along with the appealing other photos. — barbara


  7. I had a look at that older post and liked those sceneries, it’s great to have such a trail in one’s neighbourhood to walk along.

    I especially like the middle photo here with all the well framed details and the contrast of the yellow warmth in the left top corner and blue cold in the right bottom corner.


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