Playing Tourist

Tvillingene frisør-5312From time to time you can walk around in your own city and find small pearls that you have never noticed before – like this one.  It is a small and narrow brick building squeezed in between a post-war “bunker” and a little wooden house. I know very little about architecture and even less about this particular house, but I liked it and it has probably a history to tell.

I recommend playing tourist in your own area.


17 thoughts on “Playing Tourist

  1. It is indeed a fascinating building, Rune! I agree with Wayne, regarding the details at the top! Wonderful pic for the day!! Hope you’re ready for a great weekend!!


  2. That building is a most interesting find. And yes, I also play tourist in my city. I think it’s the best thing that a photographer can do.


  3. That’s an interesting house and a good recommendation! I’m so often surprised to discover something I was passing by frequently but actually didn’t notice and there are also places one never visits…


  4. Good evening, A very beautiful and original architecture !! it can indeed be astonished and wonder about its history, its genesis !! there are in many big city !! nice topic – good weekend


  5. You found a very nice looking house Rune!
    I like the details, the roof top is very pretty 🙂
    This house could be in Amsterdam, it’s built
    so narrow 🙂
    By the way, the “backyard” in the first picture
    of my post of today is part of the trainstation.
    There they keep their gear – that’s why it
    looks a bit ugly 😀
    Have a fine weekend!


  6. Photographers have an advantage in recognizing what surrounds them. A quote from the American photographer Dorothea Lange confirms this — “the camera is an instrument that teaches people to see without a camera.” — barbara


  7. I often play tourist in my own town , it’s a good way to keep mind open . This small house does not look norvegian to my eyes , but I don’t know much about your architecture . It does not seem to be in its place , but coming from somewhere else . It’s very pretty anyway .


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