We don’t have much snow here on the coast, but an hour’s drive should settle anyones lust for the white stuff.


The houses and cabins are all dressed in snow and ice.


Almost the whole landscape has disappeared under the white blanket


You might even see “fake” tornadoes among the mountains.


But people are out and about – with and without their skis


And if you don’t care to go for yourself, you can always be towed uphill and race downhill


23 thoughts on “Snow

  1. She fell in quantity and it gives beautiful scenery – this incredible tornado in the distance !! I do not know if this is common in your region !!
    beautiful evening


  2. That first image is true winter wonderland stuff. It all looks extremely beautiful, though I wouldn’t want to have to travel to work through it.


  3. RuneE, that’s what I call awesome snow! And a perfect amount for the season. Wonderful captures!

    Toronto has been receiving blasts of snow blizzards with windchill factors that remind me of childhood times.


  4. Norske vinterbilder slik de skal være!
    Topp fotojobb som alltid.

    Fra her hvor jeg bor i Trondheim (20min gåavstand fra sentrum) kan jeg spenne på skiene ved trappa og så gå rett inn i bymarka. Men, da må det være stabilt med kuldegrader over tid!


  5. Oh, you are breaking my heart with these exquisite pictures of pure, white snow! I could eat them and feel whole again. I take these images to my bed and will dream of them…good night, good friend 🙂

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  6. Flott serie fra et idyllisk Kvamskogen,- og må jeg velge meg en favoritt,- må det bli nr 3… kjempelekkert, Rune!
    Ha en fin helg:)


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