More Walking in the Winter


Some of you may remember a post on these pages some weeks ago where I walked along a new trail in my neighbourhood. It is quite possible to return  by a more traditional route – along a lane meant for pedestrians and bicycles. Then you have some very fine views on one side and very heavy traffic (30.000 cars per day – with exhaust to match) on the other.

The lane passes by a small fjord that is often covered with ice in the winter. It is especially fine right after sunset.


You can find small pleasure crafts and boathouses too.


This one has obviously stayed out too long.

Have a nice week!

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Open the Door

Open the Door-7089I found this one laying around on my hard-disk in a colour version. A little playing around resulted in a monochrome version.

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Playing Tourist

Tvillingene frisør-5312From time to time you can walk around in your own city and find small pearls that you have never noticed before – like this one.  It is a small and narrow brick building squeezed in between a post-war “bunker” and a little wooden house. I know very little about architecture and even less about this particular house, but I liked it and it has probably a history to tell.

I recommend playing tourist in your own area.



We don’t have much snow here on the coast, but an hour’s drive should settle anyones lust for the white stuff.


The houses and cabins are all dressed in snow and ice.


Almost the whole landscape has disappeared under the white blanket


You might even see “fake” tornadoes among the mountains.


But people are out and about – with and without their skis


And if you don’t care to go for yourself, you can always be towed uphill and race downhill