A Walk in the Winter

Turvei vinter-26759

We have had a long, long period of rain, wind, fog and generally bad weather. The last time I remember seeing the sun was The First Day of Christmas. So, when it all cleared up on Monday, a walk along our new, local “trail” was in order. Here we are at the start.

Turvei vinter-26767

The small lakes along the way had started to freeze over, and I Liked the background this one made for the leafless birch.

Turvei vinter-26771

There are many of these lakes along the trail, and this one is my favourite when it comes to photography – always something to be found.


This is not a local version of Stonehenge, but a resting place.

Turvei vinter-26808

They have made a small and elegant bridge, and as you can see, we did not have this trail by ourselves.

Turvei vinter-26785

And the bridge was ideal for a play with shadows on frost.


21 thoughts on “A Walk in the Winter

  1. always so lovely to get out when the sun shines even though it is cold – some lovely shadows here and I like the birch photo very much


  2. Thank you for so many pictures after your long break Rune 🙂
    I love the one with the birch tree and from your favourite lake.
    And the last one with blue shadows on frost 😀
    Wish you many sunny days to come 🙂


  3. I was waiting for much more snow ! But those landsapes are soooo beautiful ,and you can walk into the wild easily , through a comfortable trail !
    I like the “not Stonehenge” benches , but would wait for summer before to seat there ! :o)


  4. Superb scenery along your trail. The small lakes are reminiscent of those in the English Lake District where they are called “tarns”.


  5. So much beauty to be experienced along your new trail. You are fortunate to have this so near . — barbara


  6. Hi Rune! Thanks for showing your beautiful surroundings. Thanks also for your comment. No, we still have no crocuses, and these photos were taken on 3rd February 2007. This week we had to find words beginning with C, and I thought :”why not Crocuses?”. Next week it’ll be daffodils. Have a great weekend.
    Wil, ABCW Team


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