Waiting for the Train

Skiløper på Jernbanestasjonen-5106

If the snow won’t come to you – you will have to go to the snow. I caught this guy with all his packed up ski-paraphernalia at the local railway station.

A Walk in the Winter

Turvei vinter-26759

We have had a long, long period of rain, wind, fog and generally bad weather. The last time I remember seeing the sun was The First Day of Christmas. So, when it all cleared up on Monday, a walk along our new, local “trail” was in order. Here we are at the start.

Turvei vinter-26767

The small lakes along the way had started to freeze over, and I Liked the background this one made for the leafless birch.

Turvei vinter-26771

There are many of these lakes along the trail, and this one is my favourite when it comes to photography – always something to be found.


This is not a local version of Stonehenge, but a resting place.

Turvei vinter-26808

They have made a small and elegant bridge, and as you can see, we did not have this trail by ourselves.

Turvei vinter-26785

And the bridge was ideal for a play with shadows on frost.