The Castle Is not My Home

Schloss Hohenschwangau-9332

This is Schloss Hohenscwangau,  the birthplace of the rather eccentric King Ludwig II (1845 – 1886) of Bavaria, Germany. My own home is rather smaller. But, then, he built himself many others too. I have not.

This is my contribution to:  «The Weekend in B & W»
Have a nice Week-End!

29 thoughts on “The Castle Is not My Home

  1. Terrific capture for the day, Rune, as always! Beautiful castle, but a good thing I don’t live there, I’d get lost in it every day trying to find the kitchen to fix something to eat!!! Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Hello Rune,
    nice seeing something German here 😀
    I’ve never been there 😦
    And I wouldn’t want a place like that – too
    many windows to clean 😉
    Have a fine weekend


  3. Gorgeous! Glad to see this. It wasn’t on our tour of Germany, Switzerland, and Austria..
    And thanks for stopping by…fun to know you’re Julenisse now and then 🙂


  4. Hehe,- det var godt vi fikk oppklaring i det da, Rune… ellers kunne jeg godt tenkt å invitere meg selv på et besøk:) Men man må jo la seg imponere av slik byggekunst…. det er ikke mangel på rom her!
    Ønsker deg en fin helg:)


  5. This is a very beautiful castle and I would be coming to visit you !! to make beautiful pictures like this one !! Have a good weekend


  6. Poor old Ludwig only lived to be forty-one and must have spent a good deal of that time wandering from room to room in that vast house. And despite all his magnificent building projects he is chiefly remembered for being mad! Life is cruel sometimes.


  7. When I was Young and Learning german in high school , I learned about culture and history too. Ludwig II became my idol, because he was such a romantic character. Later , I visited such castles (Neuscwanstein) , and that made me even more sure in my love for him! 🙂


  8. Ludwig truly was a completely mad person…after building many more castles ,even bigger than Hohenschwangau, he went bankrupt was declared not to be right in his head and commited suicide by drowning.
    A wonderful perspective of the castle and so impressive in b/w


  9. Oi, dette er litt av et slott. Holdt nesten på å skrive kråke foran, men det er jo altfor flott. Med så mange ulike utbygg og vinkler ville jeg gjerne vært der på oppdagelsesferd! Fortsatt god helg!


  10. Hvor la jeg fra meg hodet i dag tro??
    Se to kommentarer i posten under ditt forrige innlegg,
    de skulle nemlig stå her under dette vakre slottet! 😉


  11. How did this king find time to build this castle plus many other homes. He only lived until he was 41 leaving little time to do all this. Karen, the commentator above, points out that he was a strange character. Quite an impressive castle! — barbara


  12. A beautiful shot, Rune — and by the way, don’t worry, you wouldn’t want that for a home with so many rooms to keep clean. Imagine also if you couldn’t find your keys!


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