The Caretaker


Bergen has its own share of personalities, and this is one of them. I don’t know his real name or his background, but many people know him just as “The Caretaker” since he is always to be found around this large public square. He is totally harmless and all he does is asking for a little money for cigarettes. Without him and his kind, the city would be a very different place.

This is my contribution to:  «The Weekend in B & W»
Have a nice Week-End!

27 thoughts on “The Caretaker

  1. A fine portrait. We used to have ‘the Dogman’ in the city. He’d parade his 8-10 dogs all over the city getting in trouble with the police. And that was way before the cleanup after your pooch campaign.


  2. He is quite a character, yes, and a stark contrast to the legs in the background.
    May the Caretaker take good enough care of himself in your Bergen winter.


    • Yes, I’m sure he does have same incredible stories to tell and you have indeed made a moving portrait!! And, as always, I do so enjoy your post/photos, Rune! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Hei sann! Du har flyttet på bloggen din, vel jeg får si Gratulerer da! 🙂
    Håper du liker denne wordpress bedre.
    Flott bilde, og snart kan man vel ikke gi de som går gatelangs noen småkroner lenger
    heller, om man vil det.. Forbudt.. Jeg leste en gang om den barmhjertige samaritaren.. en glemt lekse vil jeg tro.. :/
    Ha en fin adventstid! 🙂

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  4. Beauty does not always arrive in the way that Hollywood imagines. We had such a man in Cambridge, he used to hang around the Market Square and mind the various stalls while the owners went to get a coffee or use the toilet. Despite his rough and ready appearance he was unfailingly polite to customers and known to be scrupulously honest.

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