Bergen Harbour by Night

I appreciate the value of tripods, I just don’t like to drag my (at least) 2.5 kg one around too much. Also, I find that some of the immediacy and spontaneity of many photos disappear, if that is what one looks for. So the other night I had a small tour around Bergen harbour (“Vågen” in Norwegian”) to see what I could do with the equipment I had and the support I could find.

Kveld ved Vågen-26412

Across the water towards “Bryggen” (“The Wharf” – on UNESCO’s World Heritage List). The blue light is from a passing ambulance.
1/25 sec, f/2.8,ISO 4000

Kveld ved Vågen-26451

Towards “Torget” (“The Market”). The lights at the top right and left are from the tops of two of the seven mountains surrounding the central part of Bergen.
1/20sec, f/2.8, ISO 6400

Kveld ved Vågen-26525

Strange bedfellows – modern oil-related ships and a medieval fortress (“Bergenhus”)
0.3 sec, f/2.8, ISO 1600

Kveld ved Vågen-26463

A couple of girls waiting for one of the coastal catamarans.
1/20 sec, f/2.8, ISO 2500

Kveld ved Vågen-26495

If you get hungry, thirsty or want a party – that can be arranged, too.
1/40 sec, f/2.8, ISO 3200

Kveld ved Vågen-26482

Or you can find a quiet little nook where you can study the reflection of a quayside shopping mall and its Christmas decoration.
1/8 sec, f/3.5, ISO 3200

I admit that a tripod would have been better, but my shoulder would have been sorer …


36 thoughts on “Bergen Harbour by Night

  1. Oh, what terrific, colorful night shots, Rune!! Thanks for sharing, as always! Hope your week is off to great start! Enjoy!!


  2. “Woaw! ” is what comes first to my mind! You could use each of those pictures as Christmas cards , they’re sooo beautiful !! I also enjoy seeing those reflections , so impressive ..

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  3. Your first photo has a storybook look with the shape of the peaked roofs and the reflecting colors. What a beautiful set of photos. I know what you mean about lugging along a tripod — takes too long to set up for the shot you want and also heavy to carry around. You captured beautiful shots using your steady hands. — barbara


  4. Great captures and I’m stunned to see those long times as 0,3 and 1/8 sec and sky rocketing ISO values such as 6400. With my camera the photos are unacceptable with any ISO above 400, investment in photo equipment pays off… obviously. 🙂

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  5. Thank you to repeat myself living and night this beautiful port of this city that I visited it 20 years ago !! beautiful pictures, congratulations for the reflections


  6. Some great night shots. I agree with you about tripods, though I quite often take a monopod or even a tiny tripod with me.


  7. Ååå,- som jeg savner “byen min” når jeg ser disse kjente og kjære traktene! Og denne flotte serien minner meg på at nå må jeg snart forsøke noen bilder i natten jeg, også… er tredje vinteren jeg tenker dette, bare…… flotte farger og refleksjoner, Rune!


  8. Hei igjen. Måtte innom å sjekke posten din en gang til. Ser infoen over første bilde nå…
    Utmerket resultat, – lite støy gode farger, – flott fotojobb!

    Jeg har kjøpt meg en monopod – Gitzo (192 i maxlengde), veier 600gram, og tåler 18kg! – tar 600mm uten problem! Meget enkel å ha med seg, – kun 54 cm sammenslått.

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    • Hans – takk skal du ha 🙂
      Jeg har en Manfrotto monopod i tillegg til et av deres store (og tunge), burde nok bruke begge mer. Men så er det det med fleksibiliteten når man går rundt i byen …


    • Thank you, a tripod would have made it possible to use a lower ISO and thus I would have got less noise. Much more visible in the original sizes.


  9. This is a stunning series, Rune. You’ve captured each scene so well, and they all look sharp enough to me. (I also feel the same as you about tripods.)

    I would love to get to Norway sometime, as well as to the other countries in your region. My interest. I’ve had a longstanding interest in this from the photos I’ve seen, and what I’ve read about the lifestyle.


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