The only sound to be heard was the click from my camera – maybe I shouldn’t have done it.

This is my contribution to:  «The Weekend in B & W»
Have a nice Week-End!

36 thoughts on “Silence

  1. That’s a difficult one. Maybe you know the people and that they wouldn’t mind being in the picture? Often hard to know when a photo is an intrusion.


  2. Off,- ja, den kameralyden er bare veldig høy i enkelte situasjoner. Men er man ikke litt unnskyldt som turist…. fin symmetri og flotte detaljer i ditt bidrag!
    Har vært lite aktiv med blogging i det siste, så jeg måtte scrolle meg litt nedover hos deg… likte veldig godt dine kreative krumspring med lang lukkertid… spennende!
    God helg til deg, Rune 🙂

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  3. There is a hushed feeling within this scene. Perhaps locals are used to tourists taking photos inside this church. I was fascinated with the warmth of the pews in comparison to the artful stained glass window. — barbara


  4. First I thought: “How could he?!”
    And then: “Why not? People cannot be recognized, and I also don’t think that click disturbed them in any way.”
    With people in it it looks alive, one can see what it is supposed to be for. This is a wonderful photo in b&w. But I must say, I would love to see the window in colour also 🙂
    Have a fine weekend!



  5. Yes, there is that awkward moment, when the shutter sounds like a gun-shot. I never understood the ‘quite-mode’ on the 7D, it doesn’t really seem to be less noisy.

    Love the photo, the church is beautiful.


  6. “The sound of silence ” was a great song by Simon and Garfunkel..The perspective you choosed makes a witness from you, and attracts the eyes to the light . Very powerful picture!


  7. I understand your reticence but I don’t think you intruded on the sacredness of this place. Thank you for sharing it with us, it is a lovely shot.


  8. Wonderful atmosphere in this one, Rune. About shutter noise, that’s one of the great features of my Fujifilm X100s, because the leaf shutter is virtually silent. I’ve even used it during a theatre performance.


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