This way for international cuisine

This is my contribution to:  «The Weekend in B & W»
Have a nice Week-End!

27 thoughts on “Shamoli

  1. Interesting photo. Use to see “sandwich men” carrying signs advertising all sorts of things. Restaurants were commonly seen, but these sign carriers are mostly in the past now.


  2. Men måtte det ikke bli en smule kjedelig å stå der hele dagen, tro…? Flott gatefoto, Rune, og som de andre også sier, flott lys og skygger i bildet!
    Må også få takke deg for så fine og konstruktive kommentarer,- det setter jeg stor pris på 🙂
    Flott helg til deg:)

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  3. That job all but disappeared a few years ago, but since local authorities have begun to clamp down on the amount of “street furniture” – signs etc – they have made a comeback. Although it’s illegal to put up signs on the pavement there’s no law against a man standing holding a sign!

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  4. Nice street candid photo! I’ve seen and eaten in a ton of Indian and Thai restaurants, but never at an Indian/Thai restaurant. It kind of makes sense though…


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